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We are offering this project booklet to those who buy two or more copies of THE IRREVERSIBLE. The book was published in July of 2013.

This publication is not pleasant to touch; it can hurt your fingers. You also won’t be able to tuck it in among your other books because its cover is made of sandpaper as well. We believe that it deserves a special place.

It includes four portraits of former prisoners, fragments of four interviews, and a few photographs from the series “Can Auschwitz be saved?”
Both the book and the booklet have been designed by Ania Nałęcka from Tapir Book Design.

The book features 42 portraits and reflections from Nazi camps survivors all over the world.
The edition of the booklet is limited to 250 copies in English and 150 in Polish.

Buy the book

The book costs $60 (45 EUR)
Shipping cost depends on your location - see the options below. You're ordering the book in English (unless you request a Polish edition in the comment on the payment site). Choose the currency and the destination.

In US Dollars: Book $60 + Shipping

In Euros: Book 45EUR + Shipping

If you don't have a PayPal account and want to buy the book using your CREDIT CARD, please go to the publisher's online store using this link.